Why Study with Us

Our courses begin with a gradual introduction to bringing health and balance into your life. Once you have created a steady base of regular self-care, we then delve deeper into the complexities of health and disease from a holistic perspective.

Not every student is drawn to the spiritual side of kinesiology, but for those who are we provide clear processes that allow you to share your inner wisdom and intuition without taking on the burdens and stresses of your clients. 

You will learn ways to support and hold others gently while they create positive change in their life. You learn to protect your own energy and maintain clear boundaries so you can sustain a healing practice for many years to come.

Coming regularly to class, sharing the learning journey with like-minded students creates life-long friends and connections that makes this course the highlight of your week.

Every technique you learn helps you to choose positive energizing experiences in life, leading you on your path of soul fulfilling work that makes a difference in the lives of your friends, family, and future clients.

We believe you already have an inner wisdom and many life skills to share with others. Studying should be fun, personally empowering and should be delivered at a pace to suit your lifestyle. Imagine sharing a classroom with like-minded, courageous, and inspiring peers as you journey together to make a positive difference in the world, earning an income doing what you love.

If you are ready for this course, you will have the time and energy to attend class regularly. You will have a group of family or friends willing to be practice buddies to help you learn or you are confident you can find the people you need.

You see the value in getting regular kinesiology sessions yourself and are committed to your own personal growth and development.

Those who join our small student-centred classes receive ongoing individual support and encouragement for their entire enrolment.

You will learn to identify common patterns that clients repeat again and again, and how to invite them to change.

Susan has a knack of helping students find words and phrases that become powerful agents of change for their clients, she shares her passion and commitment to ensure the success of every student.

You now know more about our college and how we work,

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